Friday, December 19, 2008

Diary of an Ex-Pat - LT

I have a really big urge to rename these posts OB's report but I'll need to put up a poll for that (if I knew how to) so for the sake of consistency, I shall keep it "Diary of an Ex-Pat".

I think I have come to another revelation about myself. I am a closet clean freak. Today I saw my second cockroach in the room which seriously tipped me over the edge. Like can these bad boys seriously annoy someone else. And these aren't your regular bad boys either. If you thought the road bike gang was bad ass, these cockroaches belong to the mafia. HUGE. Disgustingly oversized mafuggas. And living by oneself, on minimal resources inside the house, its a stress to find a way to kill and dispose of them. Hence my current obsession with dettol. Man I've used up the whole communal Mortein in the building to fumigate my room. I even did a random home improvement where I took masking tape and masked up every god damn nook and cranny in the room and IT STILL FOUND A WAY. WTF IS THIS MAAN. LEAVE ME ALONE. ARGH.

Tonight the assault continues. My campaign to kill these bastards marches forward. I'm so on tilt when I go to sleep that a damn cockroach will venture into my room. OMG CAN THEY JUST PISS OFF. I'm seriously gonna go nuts or something. Man life of an OB, what can I say? Seriously so annoying. SO ANNOYING SO ANNOYING. Man when the clock strikes 6, I'm donning the gloves and gonna hole up my place again. Such a pathetic title to call my building a serviced apartment. The only service I'm getting is some random making my bed sheets ONCE A WEEK ONLY? ARE YOU RETARDEDLY LAZY? And internet, which has emotional tyrades where one night it will be God's gift and the next night it will be suffering from lag city. So fail. O and they said they'll replenish my toilet paper but WTF EACH MONDAY I LOSE LIKE A FEW CENTIMETRES of radius. WTF. SO RAGE RIGHT NOW. RAWR.

Yes, so I realise:
a) I need my mum to protect me from GODDAMN BUGS (EFF THE HELL OFF).
b) I need a pest control dude ASAP
c) I need to complain the bejesus to management (dogpoo paper bag on doormat)
d) Continue my alliance with dettol and Mortein, and possibly get a face mask so I won't get some random lung disease
e) E for Edit: Having a really lax December means that I can do heaps of thinking and have multiple epiphanies within a day. In fact, I should seriously keep a record of this stuff. It's those type of revelations that make your heart flutter a bit because what you have just thought of was so immense. Like finding out HUNG WATCHES BATTLESTAR GALAZITICAZZZZZZZZZ.


(on a side note: lol if I go back to Australia and lose my passion for cleanliness. It's dangerously forseeable that this will occur.)

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