Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Diary of an OB - LT

I have this really bad problem where my mind is working on a completely different plane as the person who is communicating with me. For lack of a better description, (or in some cases - to accurately describe this condition) I am just daydreaming when people are talking to me.

So, what do I do? To combat this serious character flaw, my mind has developed a way to contextualise everything so that when I do return to the conversation, I can deduce what was said and give the appropriate response. Normally this works alright. It seems my mind can process stuff like a Intel Core DUO and think of my own stuff in one half of the brain and then absorb the things going on around me in the other half.

Unfortunately, I think this skill I have learnt is only operable when I am immersed in the English language to which I am most familiar with. When another language is involved, it is harder for my strange ability to function. For example, I have seen glimpses of this design flaw when I was learning Japanese during high school. I'd pretty much deduce as best I could what the other person was saying and give my response. More often than not, I would give retarded replies which made no logical flowing sense.

That is the case here. I think I did it again where one of my colleagues asked me something but I did not understand/was only half listening and gave the most incoherent response. Now I am embarrased. And I'm pretty sure I've done this on more than one occasion. Damn.

I am now severely handicapped in rising up the OB ladder because of this. It could almost spell the end of the ascent and the beginning of the spiralling fall as people start to realise I'm a nub. (Noooooooooooo.) But the weird thing is, they keep feeding me stuff like I'm a guinea pig. Alarm bells are ringing! =O

This morning was slightly eventful with an actual research task handed to me but I think with this anti-epiphany, any slight rise in OB-ness was immediately negated.

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