Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Diary of an Ex-Pat - LT

The OB road is not a smooth gradual incline, and I had only just discovered this yesterday. After what seemed to be a glimpse that I will be seeing more game time, yesterday was similar to the chandelier crashing down upon the stage, lights exploding etc. What does an OB do when there is nothing to do? I found out the long way that the internet is actually quite limited and will get boring in 4.8 hours. However, I did resist playing fantastic contraption. I even forwent being discreet and blatantly surfed the net without making any effort to conceal the window when someone walked by.

The thing that frustrates me most is when they promise you a mountain of work and then immediately afterwards the so called promised mountain never appears. Kind of like waving a schmacko in front of dog. I can has schmacko?

What was suprising yesterday was the party planning committee meeting. I kid you not. There are such things in an office. Yes and I have to admit, 'The Office' do have very accurate stereotypes. So basically I just sat through that rather bemused. I doubt any of them would have understood the humour I was experiencing if I were to explain to them what was going on in my head. Also, the manager of some other department who sits behind me, to whom I have never been formally introduced to - nor will it be any easier to now introduce myself due to the time gap - has been experiencing PMS or some sort of study related stress. From my sources, ie just listening to the chatter that goes on from time to time, he's studying for his masters and has a paper (only 3000 words, can you stop crying?) due soon. So he's really sensitive to noise that emanates from shredders and just PMSed just then to someone else, whilst I was typing. Draaaammma.

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