Monday, February 2, 2009

Diary of an OB - LT

May I just say that I fail when it comes to finding this physical diary to buy. And I also fail at finding T-shirts, there seems to be some sort of jinx and I end up buying everything else but the things I want.

Except for snacks. My random snack craving quest from a few days ago has now been completed. Ah the feeling of satisfaction and achievement..

Tips that I think will come handy for those that never knew:

1. Cathay Pacific allows you to be put on the waiting list for up to 3 flights prior to your original confirmed flight with no penalty.

2. I am a tram noob and never knew you pay after you get off. I also got on at the front which is why I looked like a total tourist (that which I am, and not ashamed of saying). Getting on the back is for locals man, why be a poser for?

3. Do not buy shoes within the first week of CNY. Otherwise you jeopardise your 2009 lunar year!

4. Also just don't shower for the 3 days during CNY (ie before, during and after) because your washing away your luck. Especially if you wash your hair. So like, potentially you guys have washed away your 2008 luck to bring into 2009.

5. Wear all new things on CNY. This is boosted by wearing red, especially as underwear.

6. I don't know how foreigners survive on the mini vans because how do they let the driver know that they want to alight? I have yet to be found in a situation where I can finally find out what exactly happens..

7. Taking the MTR makes suburbs feel really far away from each other when in actual reality, you can seriously just walk the distance although it will take a short while longer.

8. Why is running a boat cheaper than running the MTR when going across the harbour? This has eluded me for some time.

9. HK TV totally sucks. The acting is poor, the quality is poor, everything is poorer if you have experienced Western TV. But somehow it just grows on you?

10. Ambiguous or unclear instructions.

Can't think of anymore, but like you'll probably learn the hard way some of these rules.

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