Thursday, January 22, 2009

Diary of an OB - LT

As OB now has time to think about random stuff, as Chinese New Year is fast approaching and hence there is nothing to do - the future of Hong Kong has always been on my mind.

What future? Yes, that is the correct question to ask.

Although somewhat bleak, there is absolutely no future for most children in Hong Kong and its the epidemic is already beginning to slowly encapsulate this Special Administrative Region.


Well to provide some contextual knowledge, children are mainly brought up by maids as parents are always out/work. Like do kids not end up wondering who there real parents are? Do they not get confused. Apparently, young kids know a little bit of tagalog when they are young because they are exposed to it everyday. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but the point is, they don't even see their parents for most of the day.

So what kind of childhood to they have? Well, on a general level, I would say close to none. They learn nothing. They are treated like kings and queens and have their every request answered by the maid. As an example, I was in McDonald's and this maid buys this small girl like no older than 5, a Fillet-O-Fish meal. The maid unwraps the burger and holds it out for the kid to bite. The kid proceeds to look at the maid. With the most utmost air of snobbery, she flicks her hand, shooing the burger away. The maid obediently listens, with a sort of 'are you sure, lol at you, ok don't eat it, but i'll humour you by coaxing you to eat it' attitude.

I'm sitting quite close thinking in my head. WTF KID. HOW OLD DO YOU THINK YOU ARE. This girl is gonna grow up into a dumb bitch. No offence, but hopefully you don't. Man do parents not realise if their kids just get showered with attention for the rest of their lives they are going to grow up into the most useless person in society who forever will require attention and looking after?

Like then I tried to justify myself. Maybe things change when they grow up. I mean they don't know any other lifestyle so maybe its ok that they live in this bubble and then see the big wide world. Or is it? I bet most teenage honkies fail at cooking. Like will avoid the kitchen at all cost. Also, why do parents not want to look after their own child. Is it seriously that annoying to have your kid sit on the table with you at the restaurant with some family friends? Do you really need the maid to come along, feeling mega awkward sitting with your friends, just to attend to your child? Did you not get the feeling of parenting when the child was born? Did the maid actually deliver the baby as well?

Arrrrrrgh makes no sense! How is this society going to be sustainable?! Maybe it's because a foreigner and things don't quite click in my head. I mean I will admit that children in other societies and cultures also get pampered but honestly, not to this extreme, on such a widespread scale. GG.

What I also find awkward is how maids get to live with the family, in an apartment on average around 800-900 sq ft. Wtf is that? Your pretty much openly admitting that you will adopt a maid like your own autonomous and obedient child. How can you be alright with a random living at your house? Shouldn't you guys become like BFF family friends by the end of it all? The cultural shock that I still feel is astounding.

Like maybe if you were old, and frail and your family had no time, then a maid who could help you around the house, and like buy your groceries and so on is justified. Or even if you part time employ someone that doesn't permanently live with you is ok too. I suppose there isn't enough time in this little region since the working hours seem so ridiculously long.

O and another example. I'm sitting on bus overhearing random mother's conversation on my day off. She's ranting to her friend about her maid. And not a good rant either. Like an all out barrage of endless bitching about how lazy the maid is and shit. Then if she sucks, why don't you just not employ her, and do it yourself you tool!? It's not like you're working right now, just going to have a bit of yumcha with your friend. Why don't you and your friend go shop for groceries and shit? Why don't you cook dinner then?! FFS STFU!

Yea so angry, these things make me angry. ARGAKGJ WELGJ ALJGA. End Rant.

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