Saturday, December 6, 2008

Diary of an Ex-Pat - LT

Today I must stress the importance of office ergonomics. If you wish to survive the 40 hour working week on a continual basis then you should follow some simple guidelines.

Eyes are in grave danger. Think about it. You stare at a screen for 8 hours, and probably go home and stare some more. To alleviate any stress your eyes may be undergoing, follow the 20:20 rule. That is, every 20 minutes, stare out something about 20 feet away for 20 seconds, do a few eye exercise movements and carry on working. Who would have thought something so effortless could give you the edge to go the extra mile...

Secondly, posture. The way you sit can affect muscular strains particularly in the lower back and on the neck and shoulders. A rule of thumb is to raise ur chair so that the knees are slightly lower than the hip and that the back rest is firmly supporting your lower back. If your feet dont rest flat against the ground after this height adjustment, find some foot rest to substitute. Flowing on from the 20:20 rule, just take that opportunity to adjust your seating position as well so that no single group of muscles are under continual stress.

On another note, I think I have reached another tier on the OB-meter. After being taken under the wing of someone in my department, she has decided to further try and integrate me. From there I have met others like her and will continue to stay within this group. If I had any authority, I would instantly just promote the lady that first gave out a helping hand because that is so obviously a trait that a manager would require so that the team will work for them. Anyway, back to the observations. How do I know that I have reached the next level of OB? Well, it is because others in the department have decided that I am trustworthy and capable to handle other bitches work.

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