Thursday, August 7, 2008

Who is Jack Wilshere? - PW

Arsenal has a new player to fill the no. 19 jersey left behind by the departing Gilberto. Who is he?

Meet Jack Wilshere.

Just another footballer? I think not
Having maintained a relatively low profile in this age of over hyping and next maradonas, peles, zidanes etc. Jack has risen through the ranks since arriving as a 9 year old at the Arsenal academy. Named as under 16's captain at the age of 15 he was obviously seen as something special and in 2007 (still 15 yrs old) he was promoted to the under 18's squad. He had some outstanding performances especially with an impressive display against West Ham reserves.

Watch as he sets up the 1st goal and scores a superb superb 2nd, bringing a smile to Arsene Wenger's face.

Still 16 years young Jack has taken the pre season of 2008-2009 in his stride. In the first game against Barnet, Jack came on as a substitute bringing creativity and the impetus to come back from a 1-0 defi cit assisting Simpson to bring the game back to 1-1.

Not finished with his work, Jack shows his strength on the ball (16 yr old vs men) to win the ball and starts a move which leads to the Arsenal winning the match 1-2

To show his skills are no flukes, his goal against Stuttgart displays composure skill and maturity beyond his 16 years. Note that he doesn't run and celebrate like he's the best player in the world. He knows he is still learning and nowhere near his potential.

His hard work has definetely reaped the rewards, promoted by Arsene to the Arsenal first-team. One to keep an eye out for in the future. Good Luck Jack!

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