Monday, August 18, 2008

Newcastle - Man. U 1-1!!!!! / The manly way to exercise - KY

Well this entry has nothing to do with the former title apart from the fact that this will probably be the highlight of my sophomore EPL season.

Instead, we're here to talk about exercise balls! That's right, every bloke that walks into a gym goes straight for the free weights and the bench. What we often neglect is the rubber exercise balls we always see the working mothers, and rehab clients using. In fact, to confirm their female connotative disposition in our minds, i bought one for my mom this mother's day (along with the fact that she bought one). But that is as far from the truth as could be.

you can do squats, as demonstrated by Yao Ming..

work on your back or chest, do squats with it, on it, and do push ups.. speaking of push ups, since we don't have nearly the amount of telemarketing as USA, i'd like to introduce - the pefect push up

so while we uni students gulp down our burgwers, sushi, and $7 pho, let's take a chance and embrace these cheap alternatives to the money hording (did i spell that right?) industry that is the gym, let's take on these cheaper alternatives.. and if all else fails, then it can become like all the rest of our ill-spent equipment, become an addition to our living room furniture.. much like my mom's.

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