Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Joga Bonito - SC

Ajax vs RKC Waalwijk

For those less familiar with sporting culture, here the yellow team kicked the ball out because a player in red got injured. In the spirit of fair play the red team kicked the ball back to the yellow team but accidentally scored. The red team then kindly let the yellow team score to even things out.
Fair play can be a funny thing. Sometimes even laugh out loud hilarious.

But more than humour, good sportsmanship can display the best in humanity.

Western Oregon University vs Central Washington University

Sara Tucholsky was a college senior softball player. Earlier this year she hit her first ever home run. However, while running past first base she suffered a knee injury and fell on the pitch in agony. The rules indicate the batsman/runner is not allowed to be aided by their teammates and the umpire said if Sara was substituted her hit would not count as a full home run.
Mallory Holtman of the opposing team then asked the umpire if she could carry Sara past each base. With his permission Mallory and Liz Wallace carried Sara all the way to the home plate. Sara's team won the game.

Stories like these bring tears to my eyes and mucus to my nose.

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