Saturday, July 5, 2008

Let's talk about some real TV shows - SC

The semifinalists for the the Emmys are out and there are 10 shows for each Outstanding Comedy Series and Outstanding Drama Series categories.

I like to think of myself as a popular culture/contemporary television connoisseur (ie. couch potato), made possible by the lovely people at sidereel, Chinese youtubes and well, the whole bloody Internet. The restraints of time and Internet caps mean I cannot possibly have seen all 20 shows but I do know, there is a lot of quality out there. And Gossip Girl does not come close.

Here are just three of the best you can even find on free-to-air Australian television.

Channel 7's
To start with the obvious. Boston Legal is an amazing platform for raising an amazing array of issues, not always legal in nature but always socially important. David Spade has got to be one of the most underrated actors of his generation and sometimes I forget he's acting when he goes into one of his long monologues in the courtroom. All that and at its core, it's a comedy series.
To be fair it loses much of its consistency in the fourth season with an overhaul of characters but in recognition the fifth season has been announced to be the last. William Shatner's last stand if you will, after almost half a century of television fame.

Channel 9'sIf ever there was a milf...though she reminds me of an Ellen Pompey, in that she suits her role perfectly, but it doesn't require so much acting prowess.
Weeds isn't just great for its brilliant scriptwriting and plotlines, but its entire premise is completely different. A middle-upper class single mother plying her trades as the local pot dealer (though this makes serious developments as the show progresses). Probably what makes this show worth watching is the co-stars. Her kids, friends and co-workers are the ones with personalities and the source of the humour.

Channel 10's
Wikipedia classifies it as a 'dark comedy', 'police procedural' and 'psychological thriller'. I classify it as freakin' awesome. You only have to watch the opening sequence to realize that this is a show with class.
Channel 10's ads have been purposefully vague. Based on a book, Dexter Morgan is a forensic blood spatter analyst, and a serial killer. Sounds corny yes, but it has been consistently highly reviewed by critics, and me.
Given the nature of its content, the version to be shown on Channel 10 will be slightly edited. Which is a shame.

So. Watch some good tv shows shall we?

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