Friday, July 4, 2008


No, I am not talking about the gaming term "good game," I'm talking about the TV show "Gossip Girl."

Before all of you guys start jumping to conclusions, thinking gossip + girl = a show JUST for girls, its not, even though the title may suggest so.
If you like the OC (and the OC's target audience was not purely females) then you'd like this as well.

Also, let me tell you that two of the manliest men on this blog, JL and DK watch this, so thats saying something...

So I won't give too much away. Basically its set in the Upper East Side,
New York, where all the rich kids live and they do whatever the want with the money they have.
Anyway, its much more than about got the whole mix of friendships, relationships, cheating, partying, conflict, fighting, breakups, etc.
You get the typical average kid who falls for the rich girl and try to make things work.
You get the uptight rich girl who loves to cause trouble.
You get the hot boyfriend who's

I just probably made this show sound crap, but its not as crap as it sounds! Although it sounds like a typical television series, its just something about the show that just makes you keep watching it.
So if you got the time, then give it a go.


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