Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Rudd confirms $35 mil to Toyota Hybrid - LT

In an effort to promote lower emissions and the cleaner image of Australia, Rudd has announced it will help fund the building of hybrid camrys.

Notice the trees and the clear blue sky?

While this generous funding will help boost employment levels, just how viable is it? Hybrid cars are said to be cheaper as they do not solely require fuel. This may be so, and the average Australian household can save on the fuel that the hybrid has not consumed. That is, until they receive the electricity bill.

So, a hybrid car might actually not be that much cleaner than the o-so-evil petrol variants. Is the grass actually greener on the hybrid side of the fence? To me, this transitional hybrid car phase seems a tad hard to believe.

What is the ultimate goal? To keep cars running or to keep the world running?

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