Monday, June 23, 2008

And so, it begins.. -DW

Thanks JL for being my awsome model- boys, perhaps some of these shirts? Also, thanks DJ's City for the kind use of their changerooms.
both shirts, Morrisey. And so, it begins, my foray into being a top model. I'm joking. I'm only oh, about 15cm too short. But I do love TopShop, shipping is a standard 10pounds, and it came in only 4 days after dispatching. So the flog and the shameful posing begins...

I can't find the sign for Pounds, so it'll be just "p"

Navy blue Fairtrade cotton exposed zip tunic- 22p
Bright Swirl Sunglasses- 12p (i think)
Jersey Cream top- 28p
Black Gladiator suede Sandals, also in Cream- 2 x 18p
Black Leather Multi Strap Gladiator Platforms, all Topshop- 60p

Now for some candid photos:
Photography courtesy of DW's mum, Location- DW's home:

(I tower, therefore I conquer- no, they're the platform's fault.)

So until the next flog, happy buying!

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