Thursday, May 22, 2008

what's better than a thank you - KY

$9k watches for all your teammates. thank you ko-be.
really. $9,000. Maybe cos I don't earn 20 mill a year. but unless the watch prints money as well as tell time, i'm not getting it. but classy move mr. em-vee-pee.

i'm breaking out my acquisitiveness.. in a big way.
exhibit A:

yeah i'm a year and half behind. but it just draws me in. i feel like i'm a fly trying to fight off the fluorescent lights.

exhibit B:
get ready for some serious kenneth cole manlove.

its not a 9k watch. but ditto to the fly analogy for kenneth cole.
and errr.
lakers spurs is on now. so my man(fashion)crush will have to continue later.

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