Wednesday, May 28, 2008

All i want for christmasss.. is shooooe(s)- DW(Z)


$US790 giuseppe zanoti piranas perhaps?

ok so the last shoe post that i did, everyone thought they were the shoes that i liked. no. they were not. they were just the shoes that were interesting and how fashion has become more arty if you will. but i do want the chan-el ones. WOO

so these are the shoes that are more wearable and perhaps cater to the general population. i'm going to buy a pair. i haven't decided which one yet, but it'll be my personal premature birthday present. WOO the big 2-0. 2 months. :))

exhibit 1: fendi fold over flats in raspberry:

exhibit 2: miu miu leather gladiator sandals (yes ambrose, disown me as a friend, i dont care)

exhibit 3: alexander mcqueen single stud flats

exhibit 4: (if only i bought these in hong kong as planned..) miu miu platforms:

and more shall come later i guess.
so in conclusion. i hate shoes.